Dog Flu Information

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Canine influenza, better known as the dog flu, includes the strains H3N8 and H3N2. The strain H3N2 was isolated to Korea, China and Thailand until 2015. Chicago then began to experience and outbreak. Then dog flu began to spread to surrounding states. Dog flu is spread through the air via coughing, sneezing and barking. It can also be spread if people are moving between infected and non- infected dogs. The dog flu is not considered seasonal, as it can be transmitted all year round. The incubation period is between 2-4 days from exposure to the first clinical sign. Signs to look for are:
nasal discharge
If you notice any of these signs it is best to have your pet seen by a medical professional. Testing for dog flu can be done after clinical signs arise. Treatment for the dog flu should be determined by the medical professional seeing your animal. We will be offering the dog flu vaccination. If you are interested in the vaccine or have any questions regarding the dog flu please call 336-375-0277, we will be happy to help!

Have a safe and happy summer!